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Prescriptive Facial

Individually based to your needs and tailored each visit to address your current skin condition, whilst relaxing body and mind in a 30 or 60 minute treatment. Specific concerns such as sensitivity, oiliness, dehydration and pigmentation can all be treated. Choose from either:



ProSkin 60: Includes: Face map, double cleanse, high level exfoliation, neck/shoulder massage, mask, tone, moisturise and a hand or scalp massage.

ProSkin 30: Includes: Cleanse, exfoliation, mask, tone, moisturise & mini shoulder massage.



60mins     £43.00


 30mins     £25.00

AGEsmart Intensive Facial

Targets the main areas of concern in skin ageing, giving a power boost to firm, smooth, nourish & renew for overall rejuvenation.


60mins    £46.00

Ultra-calming Facial

Treats the effects of sensitisation by reducing redness, dehydration & aggravated skin by soothing, healing & repairing.


60mins    £43.00

IonActive Power Treatment

This action packed facial combines thermal activity and the latest electrical technology for rapid results in skin regeneration. improves signs of aging, dehydration and can also be used to treat acne or pigmentation. Gives fantastic results & includes all aspects of a facial with an added relaxing scalp massage.


45mins £55.00

Hot Stone Massage

During this back and back of the legs body massage hot basalt stones are used to soothe sore aching muscles. Heat from the stones loosens tension at the nerve ending giving relief on a deeper level with incredible relaxation.


30mins £30.00


Dermalogica Body Treatments



Full body exfoliation using gentle rice bran and natural enzyme to dissolve dead skin cells revealing soft, smooth refreshed skin.


30mins    £27.00

Power Recovery body wrap

Relax and unwind whilst hydrating the skin head to toe in a full body wrap, targeting dryness, sun damage & dullness leaving soft, revived and healthy skin.


40mins    £30.00

Hopi Ear Candles   

Gentle, soothing & relaxing, believed to treat wax, sinus pressure, stress & headaches

40mins    £25.00

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